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Relief Through Photography Project

The worldwide pandemic has brought on many challenges as we continue to live in uncertainty. Through this project, we will provide free virtual photo shoots, our hope being that we can get through these uncertain times together. While we know that this is just a small act, we at Social Good Photography hope to spread laughter and smiles through the power of photography.

*The pro bono photo shoots provided through this project are intended for those who are unable to take photos and/or those who are in need of photos as a result of the pandemic. Social Good Photography, Inc. has also been affected by the pandemic, and we regret that we will not be able to provide photo shoots for all applicants. We will do our best to prioritize those most in need, and for this reason we ask that you write in detail why you are in need of a photo shoot as a result of the pandemic.
Paid virtual photo shoots can be booked through our Online Studio booking form.

【Examples of people who we welcome bookings from…】
・My coming of age ceremony was canceled but I want to take a photo with my family wearing a kimono
・I want to take maternity photos but I am worried about the risks of going out
・I want to take photos of my newborn but I’m not great at taking photos
・People who are facing challenges for various reasons as a result of the pandemic
*Don’t hesitate to contact us to see if you’re not sure if you’re eligible to apply.

【Project Schedule】
January 8th, 2021 – End of State of Emergency (in Japan)
*This project may be terminated or postponed without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. We thank you for your understanding in advance.

【What to Prepare】
A device compatible with the Facetime App (apple devices ex. iPhone)
*If you or the people around you do not own any apple devices, photo shoots may still be possible through the installation of a separate app. Please indicate the model/make of the smartphone or device you would like to use. (We recommend Facetime for virtual photo shoots as other video conferencing applications result in lower quality photos.)

・A tripod or alternative item to stabilize your device. (ex. tape, a chair, rubber bands, a heavy can, etc.)

・A stable internet connection. (We recommend that you use an optical network connection. If this is not an option for you, you will need an internet speed of at least about 30mbps. Please make sure you have a fast internet connection to ensure smooth shooting.)

【Other Details】
・The photo shoots for this project will be conducted free of charge.
*However, please note that same day cancelations may result in a cancelation fee. For more information regarding cancelation fees, please see the Online Studio Terms of Service.

・The photo shoots for this project will be conducted by affiliate or partner photographers of Social Good Photography, Inc (SGP). Please note that photographers will be assigned by SGP and cannot be chosen by the applicant.

・The photo shoots for this project will be limited to one setting per shoot.

・The photographer will choose the 3 best photos, which will be delivered as data.

・Photos taken during this photo shoot will be posted on Social Good Photography’s social media accounts.
*Please let us know in the form below if you prefer to have your photos kept private.

・In order to improve our pro bono photo shoots, we ask for your cooperation in a survey after the photo shoot. The answers from this survey may also be posted on SGP’s social media accounts.

・For more information regarding virtual photo shoots, please see here.

Booking Form

Your Preferred Date and Time for the Photo Shoot (Including Time Zone)
We recommend choosing times when your home (or office) have the most natural lighting.
(Taking photos in a dark room can result in lower quality photos.)
Please confirm and accept the terms listed above as well as Social Good Photography, Inc.'s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
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