What is a virtual photo shoot?

A virtual photo shoot is a photo shoot conducted using video conferencing appson a device such as a smart phone. 
No matter where you are in the world, the studio can come to you.

Because it’s online…

safety comes first

relax in the comfort of your home

easily update your profile pic

*The quality of photos will vary depending on your device and internet connectivity.
The quality of virtually shot photos is not of the same standard as those of a conventional photo shoot.
Thank you for your understanding.

Base Price

¥ 10,000 (+tax)
  • 1 Setting
  • 3 Photos (of your choosing)

*Setting: Depending on the photo shoot, the photographer may fix a device to a certain location. A setting refers to each new location a device is moved and fixed to.
*Basic edits to adjust for color, etc. are included. 
*For commercial use, please choose the 'Business Social Media' Option.
*A contact sheet containing samples of available photos from your shoot will be sent to you 2~3 days after your shoot. If you would like to receive this within 24 hours of your shoot, please choose the 'Rush Order' Option.

*All prices shown below do not include taxes.

【Example of Photos + Options】
Online Studio Credit, Use your own camera, 2 additional settings

For companies with recurring photography needs.

Please inquire below for business options.

How it works

1. Fill out a booking form.

Please fill out the information and choose which options you'd like.
*Submission of the form does not mean your booking is complete.

2. Confirm your booking details.

An automated message will be sent to you after you submit the form.
We'll be in touch within three business days with an estimate and details on how to proceed.

3. Let us know what you want.

We'll be in touch with you to discuss the date, time and location of the shoot as well as to hear more about what kind of photos you'd like to take.
*If you choose the 'Use Your Own Camera' Option, we will be in touch for a brief meeting to discuss the details prior to the shoot.

4. Photo Shoot

The photo shoot will be conducted using a video conferencing app.
*In order to take the best possible photos, we ask that you prepare a tripod or alternative item to stabilize your device. (ex. tape, a chair, etc.)

5. Contact sheet

You'll receive a contact sheet of all the photos from your shoot (excluding NG photos) within three days of your shoot.
*If you'd like to speed up the process, please choose the 'Rush Order' Option.

6. Choose your photos.

Choose your favorite three photos from the shoot.

7. Payment

We accept payment through credit card, online transaction, or bank transfer.

8. Receive your data.

Your data will be uploaded for you to download. Please be sure to keep a backup of the data once it is downloaded.


We live in an age where you don’t necessarily need an expensive DSLR camera to take great photos. What you do need to take a great photo is the correct lighting, good angles, perfect timing, editing knowledge, etc. The photographers at Social Good Photography, Inc. constantly hone their skills to stay updated on the latest technology and best ways to take virtual photos. If you would like DSLR quality photos, please consider using the ‘Use Your Own Camera’ Option.

We recommend that you use an optical network connection. If this is not an option for you, you will need an internet speed of at least about 30mbps. Please make sure you have a fast internet connection to ensure smooth shooting.

If you have an internet connection, it is possible to take photos anywhere. However, shooting outdoors is weather dependent, if it is a loud environment, it may be difficult for you to communicate with your photographer. If you would like to take the photos in a calm and controlled environment, we recommend an indoor setting.

Any smartphone can be used as long as it is compatible with Facetime or ZOOM. In terms of the best image quality, Facetime (only available for apple devices) is recommended. (*As of September 2020)

Please have a tripod handy. If you don’t have a tripod, please prepare something to hold your smartphone in place so that you can take the best photos possible. Tape can be used to secure the phone to a specific spot.

This option offers the possibility to take photo remotely using your own SLR camera or other device, providing better quality photos than a smartphone. *Not all cameras are compatible with this service. After we receive your request, we will confirm whether your camera can be used.

*Iei Photos: Photos taken with the objective of being used as a portrait of the deceased after the subject passes away.
Yes, but depending on the situation, we may prefer to travel to your location for a conventional photo shoot. If you have any concerns, please feel free to let us know.

It is possible to conduct a virtual photo shoot even if you live outside of Japan as long as you have a strong internet connection. Please be aware that time difference will need to be taken into consideration when planning the date and time of the shoot.

It is possible for us to provide language assistance. Please send us a request when booking your shoot.

There is no cancellation fee for cancellations made more than 3 days prior to the date of the shoot. For cancellation fees that may incur, please refer to the 【Terms of Service】

(*1) Business Social Media: For those who plan to use delivered photos for commercial purposes.

(*2) Transfer of Rights: For those who would like to acquire all copyrights of the delivered photos.

(*3) Use Your Own Camera: Remote photo shoot using your camera, which allows for higher quality photos.

(*4) Online Studio Credit: Delivered photos will be marked with ‘Online Studio’ credits.

(*5) Social Media Discount: Please use the hashtag ‘#OnlineStudio’ when posting the delivered photo data on twitter or instagram.

Please see the Terms of Service for further details on the above options.