for a Better Tomorrow

Our Services

Social Good Photography, Inc. (SGP) is a company offering photography services.
In order to adapt to these uncertain and changing times, we also offer virtual photo shoots. 

"Taking your photo today can lead to a better society tomorrow."

Photos have the power to bring about change.

Like when a natural disaster takes place.
It’s vital that information regarding the situation in the affected areas is shared.
Making that information available informs people about the current situation,
and can lead to increased disaster relief efforts and support.

Or in your every day life.
There are so many people in our society working to make it a better place.
Through photography, we can recognize and support these efforts.
If more people learn about these efforts,
more people will be interested in this topic or issue.
This in turn can lead to new efforts and ideas.

While this type of photography is extremely important,
oftentimes it can only be done at the photographer’s own cost.
It can be hard to continue such activities in a sustainable way.

In order to find a solution to this problem,
and to continue a platform for social awareness through photography,
we began the “Borasha PROJECT” . 
Choosing Social Good Photography means choosing to believe in a better society.

The Borasha PROJECT is a project that began in the wake of the torrential rain disaster in western Japan in 2018. The project is a pro bono photography project that began in the wake of the 2018 torrential rain disaster in western Japan.

*A pro bono photo shoot is a photo shoot conducted by a professional volunteer photographer.
The objective is to become part of the solution to a social issue, using photography as a tool.